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Working in the Historic Environment


Event Numbers

Prior to any work inside the Historic Environment (e.g. watching brief, building recording, excavation), please contact the Historic Environment Record (01432 260130 or e-mail for an HER Event Number. This Event number uniquely identifies the work inside the county and is used to help manage archaeological data. This event number should be quoted on all correspondence (including WSIs), archive and publication work afterwards.

Requesting HER Data

The online HER database should not be used for the basis of assessments, please submit a formal HER Enquiry.

Prior to contacting the HER please read the HER Guidance Document.

Anyone wishing to request HER Data, please complete both the HER Data Enquiry Form and HER Licence Request Form, these can be filled in from the browser then print to pdf and email them to

This is inclusive for all enquiries whether they be; commercial, funded researcher, students, Neighbourhood Planning Groups or private researchers. For EIA requests please mark the Purpose of Enquiry as EIA and the HER Enquiry will be tailored for your purposes.

Please note there is a charge for this service at £70 per hour (+VAT). The minimum charge is for 1 hour, and subsequent time is charged for every additional half hour.

We aim to provide a response within 10 working days; we can provide a priority search at one to two days turnaround at double the total charge (£140 (+VAT) minimum charge). This is, however, dependent on staffing levels.

Fees are normally waived for private researchers, students and occasionally in other circumstances.

If your enquiry is related to planning or development, please contact the Herefordshire Archaeology's Archaeological Advisor, to discuss your project, on 01432 383350.

Submitting HER Data

Once your work inside Herefordshire's Historic Environment is complete, all reports and data should be submitted to the HER, it does not matter what is the origin of the work, it can be from development, personal research or local history group investigations. Submitting your data and research to the HER helps improve the knowledge of Herefordshire's Historic Environment and allows the data to be incorporated into the overall historical record. This is especially useful to aid further research, highlight work or have your findings included in the planning process.


To submit reports or data please e-mail or submit hard copies to the HER at Herefordshire Archives and Records Centre (HARC). Report data is ideally submitted in PDF format, if necessary then photographs in JPG or TIFF. Digital GeoData can be in Shapefile, DWG/DXF or MapInfo Tab format. We also encourage the uploading of your work to the ADS through OASIS. Doing this allows a greater visibility to your work.

Working inside the AAI (Area of Archaeological Importance)

In 1983, the Hereford City Council made a Designation Order to define the historic core of Hereford, as an Area of Archaeological Importance (under the 1979 Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act). The Hereford Area of Archaeological Importance (AAI) encompasses the whole zone within the medieval walls of the city, together with some of the early suburbs and former monastic precincts.

Herefordshire Council, has the responsibility for ensuring that everyone living, or working, or otherwise carrying out any activities within the designated Area know of its existence, and complies with the regulations affecting it. Herefordshire Archaeology, is responsible for determining what archaeological works might be required in response to receipt of Operations Notices. It is also the service which, if necessary, is authorised to inspect, to record or to excavate sites. It can also authorise other archaeological organisations to carry out investigations in its place.

It is an offence under the Act to undertake any operations within a designated Area of Archaeological Importance which may disturb the ground, or flood any site, or tip upon any site, without giving the administering Authority six weeks notice of the commencement of those operations.

Notice must be given using a pair of prescribed forms; the AAI Operation Notice and an accompanying AAI Certificate.

More information is available in the Herefordshire AAI Guidance Document, or contacting the Herefordshire Archaeological Advisor, via email or telephone 01432 383350.

Working inside a Scheduled Monument

Any groundwork within designated Scheduled Monument is prohibited without the express permission from Historic England, this includes metal detecting. Permission can be sort by contacting Historic England and obtaining a SMC.