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The Ross and Monmouth railway

(Historic Environment Record number 30911)

The Ross & Monmouth Railway (R&MR) included stations and halts at Ross-on-Wye, Walford, Kerne Bridge, Lydbrook Junction and then out of Herefordshire to Symonds Yat and on to Monmouth. The line also continued out of the county as the Severn and Wye and Severn Bridge Railway from Lydbrook Junction. Kerne Bridge was a popular station for tourists wanting to visit Goodrich Castle, and Symonds Yat was a busy station due to the area's status as a popular tourist and leisure resort.

The Ross & Monmouth Railway was incorporated by Acts of Parliament in 1865 and 1867 and was opened on 1st August 1873. The line was never heavily used and eventually passenger services from Lydbrook Junction to Monmouth ceased on 5th January 1959. Freight services continued to run from Ross as far as Lydbrook Junction until 1st November 1965, the section beyond being closed with the withdrawal of the Monmouth passenger trains in 1959.

[Original author: Miranda Greene, 2003]