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Sources for castles

The following is a list of written sources that provide useful information on castles. They are divided into three sections: general sources, sources solely concerned with Herefordshire and historical sources.

General sources

R. Allen Brown, English Castles, Book Club Associates, 1977

J. Burke, Life in a Castle of Medieval England, Batsford, 1978

Eilert Ekwall, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names, Oxford University Press, 1970

Malcolm Hislop, Medieval Masons, Shire Publications, 2000

Hyam and Baker, Timber Castles, (especially pages 43-45 for Ewyas Harold Castle)

Colin Platt, The Castle in Medieval England and Wales, Secker & Warburg, 1982

N.J.G. Pounds, The Medieval Castle in England and Wales, Cambridge University Press, 1990

Trevor Rowley, English Heritage: Norman England, B.T. Batsford, 1997

M.W. Thompson, The Decline of the Castle, Cambridge University Press, 1987

M.W. Thompson, The Rise of the Castle, Cambridge University Press, 1991.

Sources concerned with Herefordshire

Bruce Coplestone-Crow, Herefordshire Place-Names, BAR British Series 214, 1989

George Nash & George Children, An Anatomy of a Castle: The Weobley Castle Project, Logaston Press, 2003

Nikolaus Pevsner, The Buildings of England - Herefordshire, Penguin Books Ltd., 1963

P.M. Remfry, Brampton Bryan Castle 1066-1309, SCS, 1995

P.M. Remfry, Clifford Castle 1066-1299, SCS, 1994

P.M. Remfry, Kington and Huntington Castles 1066-1416, SCS, 1997

P.M. Remfry, Longtown Castle 1048-1241, SCS, 1997

P.M. Remfry, The Mortimers of Wigmore, SCS, 1995

P.M. Remfry, Richards Castle 1048-1219, SCS, 1997

P.M.Remfry, Wilton Castle 1066-1644, SCS, 1998

Rev. Charles J. Robinson, A History of the Castles of Herefordshire and Their Lords, Books & Book Services Ltd. (reprint), undated

Mike Salter, Castles of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Folly Publications, 1989

Ron Shoesmith, Castles and Moated Sites of Herefordshire, Logaston Press, 1996

J. H. Turner, Herefordshire Countryside Treasures, Hereford and Worcester County Council, 1981

Historical sources

John Leland, Leland's Itinerary, 1538

Michael Swanton (translator and editor), The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, J.M. Dent Publishers, 1996

Frank and Caroline Thorn (eds.), Domesday Book 17: Herefordshire, Phillimore, 1983