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Julian Cotton BA ACIfA, Archaeological Advisor: Julian began his archaeological career in 1981, working on a number of digs in Scotland. He then took a BA in Archaeology and History at Leeds University, graduating with honours in 1984. He worked firstly as a field archaeologist, and later as a contractor/consultant for many years in various parts of Britain, including the north of England, Wales, London and the West Country. During this period Julian was involved in a number of long-term projects, for example at Creswell Crags Palaeolithic site in Derbyshire and the Roman port site at Mountbatten in Plymouth. He was elected an Associate of the Institute of Field Archaeologists in 1987. Julian took up his present post in 1999. This role is multi-faceted, but principally involves advisory work connected with planning and development archaeology, as well as responsibility for administering the statutory Hereford Area of Archaeological Importance.


Telephone: 01432 383350.

Liam Delaney BA MA MCIfA, Historic Environment Record Officer: Liam graduated in Archaeology from Leicester University in 2006. After graduating he worked for Lichfield District Council in Planning before gaining a Masters Degree in Archaeology at the University of Birmingham focusing on application of GIS and other digital technologies into Archaeological practice. He then worked in various roles for archaeological field units then later returning to the University of Birmingham. In this role he worked in Qatar on a long term project, where he managed a project developing a HER software, conducting Remote Sensing surveys and investigating the archaeology of Qatar and the Arabian Gulf. Liam's present post deals with the management and development of the Historic Environment Record. 


Telephone: 01432 260130.

Tim Hoverd BA ACIfA, Archaeological Projects Manager: Tim studied archaeology at both Bournemouth and Sheffield Universities, graduating from Sheffield in 1992. He worked for the City of Hereford Archaeology Unit from 1992 to 1996 and for Archaeological Investigations Ltd. from 1996 to 1999. In 1999 Tim joined Herefordshire Archaeology as the Archaeological Projects Officer, a role which involves him in a wide range of partnership field projects and public/community events.


Telephone: 01432 383352.