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Sources search

Before using this search facility, please read our Database Conditions of Use

Sources are the items of information that have been used to compile the monument records (and other related records) in the Historic Environment Record database. These include both bibliographic references in conventional journals and books, and unpublished "grey literature" reports, such as excavation and survey reports housed in the HER offices in Hereford. Records of the individual sources are held in a separate database. You can search this database in two ways:

Search by Source Number

This allows you to search for more information on a specific source for which you already have the Source record number. Source numbers relating to each monument are listed at the end of the monument's HER entry. To carry out your search, type the number of your chosen source into the box and click on the "Start search" button.

Advanced Search

This allows you to search the Sources database in a more general way, retrieving groups of records that fit search criteria defined by you. A number of options are available:

  • Author: search for a keyword from an author's name (usually the surname)
  • Title: search for a keyword taken from the source's title
  • Date: search for a specific year (it is not possible to define the date more closely than this)
  • Source type: search for a particular source type, such as aerial photographs, by selecting from the drop-down menu
  • Series: this search is only available when searching for the source type Unpublished Reports. When Unpublished Reports is selected, the Series drop-down menu is activated, allowing you to highlight your selection from the list of organisations.

You can choose to search on just one of these options, or on a combination of two or more. When you have finished defining your search, click on the "Start search" button to run the search.

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