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RAF Credenhill (originally RAF Hereford No. 11 School of Technical Training), nr Hereford

SMR Number
: 27693
Grid Reference
: SO 4571 4350

The site is located on the south side of the A480 road, about 1 mile north-west of Hereford. The site was requisitioned in 1939, with site preparations and construction of foundations shortly after the start of the war. The station was officially opened on 15 June 1940 and was occupied by the No. 11 School of Technical Training. Construction work on the camp continued after the opening date, the camp comprising both wooden and brick huts and 9 Hinaidi hangars. Five of the latter housed aircraft for training purposes, two were used for workshops, one for an instrument school and the last one for gymnasium and church purposes. These rare Hinaidi hangars appear to have been replaced with other structures. A 112 bed hospital was established on 15 June 1940, opposite the main camp. No. 5 Recruit Training Wing was formed on 16 April 1941, with up to 1000 recruits at any one time. No. 5 wing occupied dispersed huts in the wooded part at the foot of Credenhill and apparently had little to do with the other part of the station. The site for this camp has yet to be identified. The Commonwealth Training Programme was begun in 1942, and RAF Hereford was used as an assembly point for officers and airmen about to proceed to Canada for training. By September 1945, RAF Hereford accommodated No. 1 Aircrew Officers School, the School of Administration and Accounting, No. 2 School of Technical Training and No. 14 Recruit Centre. German POWs were accommodated here in 1945, presumably in the separate camp at the base of Credenhill. No. 6 School of Recruit Training was formed here on 23 March 1950, to train National Servicemen. Chipmunk and Tiger Moth aircraft were available for air experience purposes, but the location of the (presumably grass) runway is not known. The Hereford Civil Flying Club, which used to operate on Hereford racecourse, was also used for these purposes. In January 1952, it was announced that the School of Recruit Training was to close. The RAF's No. 1 School of Cookery moved here from Halton in the summer of 1958, with a new purpose-built building being opened in the October. In January 1954, the Administrative Apprentice Training School arrived from St Athan. On 25 March 1974, RAF Hereford became the School of Basic Training for WRAF recruits, the last parade of these passing out in August 1982. A Youth Training Squadron was formed here in September 1983, but by April 1994 the station had closed. The site is now being redeveloped for use by the SAS, who are due to move from Stirling Lines. Most of the RAF buildings have either gone or are being substantially altered. The hospital site, to the north of the A480 road, appears to have been totally redeveloped for housing. The site of the wooden huts of the No. 5 Recruit Training Wing seems totally to have disappeared. There are two photographs of parts of the site under Ref. No. BG86 in the Herefordshire Record Office. (2) (3) (4)

Monument Type(s)

  1. TRAINING BASE (World War II to 21st Century - 1939 AD to 2100 AD)

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  1. HHE265 - Urbanisation - Urbanisation 1