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The Camp Earthwork, Eardisley

SMR Number
: 946
Grid Reference
: SO 2872 5200

Earthwork called The Camp. Nearly 2.5 miles NW of the church. Consists of circular enclosure 46yds in diameter, surrounded by a dry ditch with traces of outer bank to the south half. (1)
Reassessment of this site from recent aerial photographs suggests it is a henge. (2) (3) (6) (7) (8)
A re-appraisal of the function and date of this monument is being undertaken. Although scheduled as a ringwork presumably of medieval date. The ditch is inside the bank and the location is not easily defensible. This earthwork may represent a henge, the S side and centre of which have been modified in the later prehistoric or medieval periods. (5)
Chris Musson's 2003 colour slide aerial photograph catalogue (6)
A measured survey of the unclassified circular earthwork known as Eardisley Camp was carried out by Herefordshire Archaeology in the summer of 2002. This augmented and updated the results of large-scale surveys by the Royal Commission in the 1930s and by the Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division in 1972. It also revealed that the site has suffered little erosion since these surveys. A geophysical transect (resistivity survey) was then made under licence across the centre of the site. This appears to indicate that there is a north entrance, but the result on the southern side was more ambiguous. Further geophysical survey and site investigation is planned to test the proposition that the site may be a rare earthwork survival of a later Neolithic "henge". (10)
Survey work was undertaken in 2003. Possible interpretations of this monument include a Neolithic henge or a Roman signal station. (11)

Monument Type(s)

  1. (Alternate Type) HENGE? (Neolithic - 4000 BC to 2401 BC)
  2. MOAT (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)
  3. CASTLE? (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)
  4. (Alternate Type) SIGNAL STATION? (Romano-British - 43 AD to 409 AD)

Associated Files

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    Associated events

    1. EHE2177 - Survey, Eardisley Camp, 2003

    Protected status

    1. Scheduled Monument 85: The Camp earthwork

    Associated Historic Landscape Character Records

    1. HHE185 - Co-Axial Enclosure System - NW-SE Co-Axial System
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