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Flanesford Priory, Kerne Bridge, Goodrich

SMR Number
: 832
Grid Reference
: SO 5786 1938

It lies 1/2 mile NE of church. The Priory of St John the Baptist was a small house of the Canons Regular of St Augustine, founded in 1346 by Sir Richard Talbot. The surviving building flanked the S side of the cloister and had a projecting S wing adjoining the E end. Now used as a barn. Sandstone rubble and ashlar, main building formerly of 2 storeys was probably the frater range. Frater being on first floor, certain unusual features such as entrance at W end which make attribution doubtful. That the cloister lay to N is proved by the survival of the weathering and corbels of its roof, its extent probably represented by existing quadrangle of farm buildings. Main building 76.23' x 24.75' is of mid C14 now of 1 storey except at E end where framed partition and 2 floors of the C16 inserted. (1)
List of Priories Dissolved 1536. (2)
Application to turn into holiday flats (1984-5) and farm workers' dwelling to W of upstanding building (1982). (3)
Visit by the Woolhope Club in 1981. (4)
Building recording and excavation in 1986. It is noted that main standing building is now identified as a guest house (rather than refectory), and annexe to south identified as accommodation for the prior. At E end the foundations of reredorter located (page 141) - see Event 24979 for detailed information. (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)
Site visit in 1994 to observe machine dug holes for foundations (at SO 5794 1946). Recorded modern rubble and hardcore over natural clay - see Event 24978. (12)
Date of foundation established as 1346 by Richard Talbot, who acquired Goodrich Castle by marriage. Negative evidence probably reflects the extent of important priory buildings, but not clear if cemetery is ruled out from this area. SMR 832 refers to the overall priory complex. See related records for more detail on specific components. (13)
Evaluation, including geophysics, carried out to the North of the Priory in 1997. (14) (15)
Watching brief carried out during construction in 1998. (16)
Few documentary sources exist for the 200 years of its existence. In 1536 it was a small monastery valued at £15 8s 9d. After the Dissolution it went back into manorial demesne lands, to George Talbot, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury who was granted it for one twentieth of a knight's fee (£1 9s 2d). The priory buildings were gradually adapted into a farm. A new farmhouse was built. Bought by Sir Samuel Meyrick in 1848, two months before his death. In 1980 the priory buildings were converted into holiday apartments. Further information and description of buildings. (17)
Architectural detail drawings from an English Heritage project from the ?1980s are in Hereford Record Office. (18)
A desk-based assessment was carried out in 2013. (19)
The desk-based assessment (19) was followed by an archaeological evaluation. Excavation of a trench of just over 100m2, plus a neighbouring soil bank, showed that there were no significant archaeological features or deposits present in the area. This suggests that activity on the medieval priory did not extend this far north or west. There was also no evidence of any hill wash or colluvial deposits from the hill to the north-west where Goodrich Castle (HER 349) is situated. (20)

Monument Type(s)

  1. MONASTERY (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)
  2. PRIORY (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)

Associated Files

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    Associated Finds

    1. FHE1121 - SHERD (Romano-British - 43 AD to 409 AD)
    2. FHE925 - LITHIC IMPLEMENT (Prehistoric - 500000 BC to 42 AD)

    Associated events

    1. EHE26960 - Watching Brief, North of Flanesford Priory, 1998 (Ref: SMR Event: 26960)
    2. EHE24978 - Watching Brief, North of Flanesford Priory, 1994 (Ref: SMR Event: 24978)
    3. EHE24979 - Excavation and Building Recording, Flanesford Priory, 1986 (Ref: SMR Event: 24979)
    4. EHE25257 - Evaluation at Flanesford Priory, Goodrich, 1997 (Ref: SMR Event: 25257)
    5. EHE2124 - Desk-based Assessment at Flanesford Priory, Goodrich, Herefordshire
    6. EHE2125 - Flanesford Priory, Goodrich, evaluation

    Protected status

    1. Scheduled Monument 23: Flanesford Priory
    2. Listed Building (I) 153805: FLANESFORD PRIORY
    3. Listed Building (II) 153807: BARN AT FLANESFORD PRIORY
    4. Listed Building (II) 153808: CIDER MILL AT FLANESFORD PRIORY
    5. Listed Building (II) 153806: FLANESFORD PRIORY FARMHOUSE

    Associated Historic Landscape Character Records

    1. HHE621 - Small Compass Enclosure of the Landscape - Estate Division
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