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Earthworks of Bringewood Forge, Tinmill Wood, Burrington

SMR Number
: 6374
Grid Reference
: SO 45358 74959

There seems to be no record of the first establishment of Bringewood Forge, although it is known to have been in existence in 1584, & poss much earlier. It was one of the last forges where iron was smelted by wood charcoal, being finally abandoned in 1814-5. THe ruins of the forge & tin mill have disappeared. (1)
A scatter of typical Tudor forge cinder was noted at SO45407496 in the bed of the old mill race below Forge Bridge, but the site of the forge could not be located. Tin Mill applies to the remains of a roofless stone building standing at SO46007532 in dense undergrowth, is poss of C18-19 construction. The mill race which runs to this spot is largely marshy & in its lower course is contained by a retaining bank. (2)
The forge is known to have been in production in the late C16, but first firm mention 1637. Some products can be seen in the local churchyard in the form of cast iron grave slabs, earliest 1619. Surv of 1662 shows the layout of the works with weir 200m upstream. Furnace built into the southern abutment of bridge (demol. 1772) & forge appears to be adj to thje furnace. THe furnace can be identified today as being built intothe anc bridge abutment with 2 sides of the throat discernible. The stone pillar which supported the tuyere & forepart lintels can be identified plus some of the wall cladding, seems likely that the other 2 sides collapsed when the lintels were removed. In 1698 Rich Knight took over the works. From 1733-77 the Knight furnace at Charlcotte & Bringewood were associated together. 1784 the forge repaired & leased for 31yrs. Consisted of 3 fineries & 1 chafery. Further downstream was a rolling & slitting mill (2 rolling stands). The 1816 draft & Bryants Map of 1835 show a tin mill approx 750m downstream from Forge Bridge. (3)
17th century furnace found 10 years ago down by Forge Bridge. As you go over the bridge it is on the right hand side of a Methodist Chapel. Furnace in debris there. (NB previously mislocated at SO 4305 7318 as HWCM 10654 - number now withdrawn). (4) Detailed article on the effects of the industry on the surrounding area. There was a great need for charcoal and therefore this led to a severe depletion of local forest. Existence of the furnace prior to1619 (date of first firm written evidence for its existence) can be inferred from complaints from local villagers about the destruction of local forests.(6) (7) (8)

Monument Type(s)

  1. FORGE (16th Century - 1501 AD to 1600 AD)
  2. FORGE (Post Medieval - 1540 AD to 1900 AD)
  3. ROLLING MILL (Post Medieval - 1540 AD to 1900 AD)
  4. FURNACE (Post Medieval - 1540 AD to 1900 AD)

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      Associated Historic Landscape Character Records

      1. HHE81 - Large Compass Enclosure of the Landscape - Farm
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