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Wormsley Priory

SMR Number
: 3215
Grid Reference
: SO 4362 4859

Priory founded for Canons Regular of St Augustine by member of Talbot family, probably in the reign of King John. Site to E of Wormsley Grange is marked only by a series of dry sinking and irregular bank, perhaps the precinct enclosure. (1)(2)
Numerous small terraces and banks. Evidence that some form of building stood in this field. Nothing is apparent to make logical pattern. (3)
Some of remains standing in 1718 sketch in Phillips MS, retained little of monastic character except stone mullioned windows & lofty archway. (4)
An examination of the site including a history of the site based on an article by Rev. Canon A.T. Bannister (1926). The buildings of the priory did not appear to long survive the suppression. Stonework was no doubt re-used in other building work. Some moulded and carved fragments survive at the Hawk’s Nest cottage, not confirmed as part of the priory. The misericords at Canon Pyon church are presumed to come from the priory. A description of the earthworks is given. They consist of a complex of platforms and banks and other earthworks. The only walling of the priory in situ above ground is a 24ft length of the west precinct wall of the conventional buildings. A leat still exists and there are traces of sluices. A sketch plan is given. (5) (6)
Article on Chaplains, Chantries and Chapels of NW Herefordshire c.1400. (A list is compiled in Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club, Vol XLVI, 1989, Part II). (7)

Monument Type(s)

  1. ABBEY (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)

Associated Files

    Sources and Further Reading

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    Protected status

      Associated Historic Landscape Character Records

      1. HHE295 - Small Compass Enclosure of the Landscape - Estate Division
      2. HHE44 - Small Compass Enclosure of the Landscape - Reconfiguration of Former Common Arable Fields
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