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Craswall Priory, Craswall

SMR Number
: 167
Grid Reference
: SO 2725 3770

A house of the order of Grandmont, dedicated to St Mary, was founded at Craswall c.1225. House survived the general suppression of alien monasteries and continued until 1462. In 1441 it was given to God's House, Cambridge which was afterwards united to Christ's College. The remains of the Priory Church and claustral buildings are disintegrating, mainly due to frost damage especially due to excavation. Plan. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(40)
Not all of the site is scheduled.
Founded 1220-25 by Walter de Lacy, Lord of Ewyas Harold and suppressed in the 15th century. Priory Church consisted of church with semicircular apsidal east end and nave. At the east end the walls are now only 5-6' above floor level but rise in height towards the west end of the chancel and the side walls of the nave are now 10-12' high. Cloister has traces of foundation of arcade wall. Chapter House has walls to the lower stones of windows. Also fragmentary remains of domestic buildings. Excavations largely restricted to church, chapter house and cloister. (8)
One of only three houses of this order in England, full history. Trees causing damage removed. (9)
An article by Carole Hutchison about the chapels at Craswall Priory. Note is made of the south chapel which appears to be the only one of its kind. Nowhere else did the Grandmontine builders provide a chapel which intervenes between the church and east range. It is thought that this chapel represents the first oratory built by the pioneer community. Further excavation would be needed to corroborate this. (11)
Walls of the nave to the west of two doorways set forward by about a foot. This was not rebuild but a deliberate feature common to all churches of the Grandmontine order. (13)
A collection of documents spanning 3.5 centuries relating to the Manor of Craswall is lodged in the Penpont and Maybery manuscript collections at the National Library of Wales. The Upper Township of Craswall was known as the Bull's Head Manor. In 1674 this manor was in the hands of Thomas Smyth of Tenbury Wells. The series of documents ends in 1853. (14)
Walter II had estates in Normandy, England, the south Welsh March and Meath in Ireland, and he was assessed at fifty-one and a quarter knights' fees in the 1190, 1194 and 1210 scutage. The foundation of the Priory must have taken place while Walter was sheriff, not after peace was restored in 1225. Craswall formed a vital link in the chain of castles that protected Herefordshire. It was visited by Henry III on his journey from Hay to Abergavenny. (15) (16) (17)
Historical information about the Order of Grandmont, a totally independent religious order. (Miss C Hutchison). (19)
Members of the archaeology section of the Woolhope Club visited the site on 19/03/78. R.E Kay has included a brief history of the Order of Grandmont and of the Priory at Crasswall. He also gives details about the architecture of the Grandmontine Order and a description of the remains of the priory. The priory's position, even today, is remote and difficult of access, and at an altitude of 1240' above sea level. The hills surrounding are rough pasture and woodland, but a mile or so to the west rise the barren and forbidding slopes of the Black Mountains. A first impression is one of remarkable seclusion; hidden by trees, the ruins are so thickly overgrown that they are not seen until one commences to walk over their scattered stones. Through the site runs a small stream - the Leth, which, diverted from its original course, now crosses the site of the frater. The general state of the ruins is deplorable and the walls, built of the local laminated red sandstone with inferior mortar, are everywhere dislocated by a riotous growth of trees and bushes. The excavations conducted under the auspices of the Woolhope Club in 1904-7 were only partial and included the clearing of the eastern portion of the cloister, the eastern half of the church and the whole of the chapter house. The excavations were seemingly undertaken with very little forethought and no attempt was made to preserve the walls and other details uncovered. Succeeding years of neglect have caused irreparable damage and much carved work has been lost or dispersed. The excavations of 1962 by C. Wright and R.E. Kay threw light on the plan and detail of the north and south chapels and the slype. These excavations were backfilled as completely as possible. The architecture of the priory is severe, except for the chapter house, and inclined to be ponderous in detail. The stone is dark and, unless paint and plaster were used extensively, the buildings must have exuded a rather gloomy and depressing atmosphere which would have done nothing to alleviate the rigorous Rule of the Order. (20)(41)
English Heritage Management Agreement for the period 01/07/2002 to 30/06/2005. (21)
A description of the results of the examination of the human remains found in a small leaden casket from the ruins of the priory. (22)
Observation on the ruins made on a visit in 1913. (23)
Report on the field study carried out in 1962 by students from the Liverpool College of Building on the ruins of Craswall Priory. (24)
After the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) religious orders with an allegiance to France were disbanded and their assets seized by the Crown. Full description and history. (25)
Article on the distribution of the bones of St Ursula and her followers and whether any relics came to Craswall Priory. (26)
Description of excavations undertaken between 1904-1908. (27)
Article on Craswall Priory and its history, including a series of photographs taken of the ruins in 1904. (28)
Chris Musson's 2003 B&W aerial photograph catalogue (29)
Chris Musson's 2003 colour slide aerial photograph catalogue (30)
Chris Musson 2006 colour negative aerial photograph catalogue. (31) (32) (33) (34)
English Heritage Section 17 Management Agreement for the period 16/02/2004 to 15/02/2009. (35)
English Heritage Section 17 Management Agreement for the period 03/03/2008 to 02/03/2011. (38)
English Heritage Section 17 Management Agreement for the period 16/02/2009 to 15/02/2012. (39)

Monument Type(s)

  1. PRIORY (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)

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    Associated events

    Protected status

    1. Listed Building (II) 355313: CRASWALL PRIORY

    Associated Historic Landscape Character Records

    1. HHE392 - Small Compass Enclosure of the Landscape - Reconfiguration of Monastic Territory
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