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Medieval Towns in Herefordshire

Note: It may be argued that some of the places mentioned in this list were never in fact towns, and that some were very short lived. The ones marked with an asterisk may never have achieved more than village status.

Foundation of town or grant of market/fair

Prior to 11th century  
Hereford castle and monastery
11th century  
Wigmore (by 1304) castle and monastery
Clifford castle and monastery
Ewyas Harold castle and monastery
Richards Castle castle
12th century  
Leominster castle (?), monastery
Weobley (by 1291) castle
Ross-on-Wye (1241)  
Stapleton (1334) castle
Eardisley (1223) castle
Ewyas Lacy/Longtown castle
13th century (1230-1260)  
Huntington castle
Pembridge (1239)  
*Preston-on-Wye (1235)  
Brampton Bryan (1252) castle
*Much Cowarne (1254)  
*Wilton castle
13th-14th centuries (1290-1310)  
Lyonshall (1301) castle
*Kilpeck (1309) castle and monastery
*Kingsland (1306) short lived, castle
*Madley (1312) short lived
*Staunton-on-Wye (1294) short lived
*Thruxton (1294) short lived
Winforton (1318) short lived
14th century  
*Kinnersley (1357) castle, foundation - not implemented
Bodenham (1379)  



























Herefordshire's medieval market villages

The following were market villages during the Middle Ages:

Bosbury; Bridge Sollers; Cradley; Dorstone; Eton Tregoz; Goodrich; Leintwardine; Much Marcle; Orleton.

(Ray 1990; Jean O'Donnell, "Market Centres in Herefordshire 1200-1400", in Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club, Volume XL Part II, 1971)

[Original author: Toria Forsyth-Moser, 2002]

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