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About Herefordshire Archaeology

An excavation tour
Herefordshire Archaeology is the county archaeological service maintained by Herefordshire Council. It is located within Economic, Environmental and Cultural Services in the Council's Places and Communities Directorate. The service exists to assess, investigate, document, conserve and promote the archaeology and historic landscape of the county and cathedral city. The service currently comprises a core staff of five: the County Archaeologist, the Archaeological Advisor, the Countryside Advisor (Archaeology), the Archaeological Projects Officer, and the Historic Environment Record Officer (job-share). A further five posts are being supported through Council and external budgets and grant aid.

The vision for Herefordshire Archaeology is for a service that:

  • provides a regulatory and investigative framework for improved understanding and management of the County's archaeological resource.
  • actively contributes to such understanding and conservation, and acts widely as an advocate for the local historic environment.
  • provides public access to information on the resource via the County Historic Environment Record, and events, activities and publications.

Herefordshire Archaeology provides:

  • an advisory service for historic conservation, actively pursuing effective resource management and supporting regeneration initiatives.
  • a documentation and information service, centred upon the County Historic Environment Record, and its website Herefordshire Through Time (this website).
  • an investigative and community service, with fieldwork, conservation works, local heritage projects, public events and productions.

Conservation Advisory Activity

The Archaeological Advisor and the Countryside Advisor (Archaeology) provide conservation advice (the CAA currently with 50% funding support from external sources). They provide advice on the archaeological and historic landscape implications of development within and beyond the planning system, including in respect to farming and forestry. The Archaeological Advisor also manages the Hereford Area of Archaeological Importance, and the Countryside Advisor advises upon the longer-term management of important historic landscapes and ancient monuments.

Documentation and Information Activity

The Historic Environment Record (HER) Officer (job-share) manages the county HER. The HER is an integral part of the county archaeological service, maintaining over 31,000 records relating to the historic environment, including a substantial collection of oblique and vertical archaeological aerial photographs. A Development Plan produced in consultation with English Heritage sets out a programme of work towards the enhancement and expansion of the Historic Environment Record by 2014.

Investigative and Community Activity

The investigative aspects of the work of the county archaeological service are varied, and are delivered by means of a series of projects and partnerships mostly supervised by Senior Projects Archaeologists. Currently, the main areas of focus are urban archaeology, aggregates and archaeology, and historic landscape change. The Archaeological Projects Officer and the Community Archaeologist deliver much of the remaining service agenda for investigation and recording (including survey and excavation), research, outreach, interpretation and working with local communities.

All Herefordshire Archaeology staff members are engaged in work that aims to raise public awareness and appreciation of the county's archaeology and historic landscape. A full events calendar is organised, including an annual symposium, monthly historic landscape walks, and public talks. A series of archaeological project summaries and reports is produced each year.

Further information about Herefordshire Archaeology

The draft Herefordshire Archaeology Strategy 2008-2011 sets out the vision, principles and strategic agenda for the county archaeological service to the end of 2011.

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